Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday 3 6

Ran Friday for the first time in a while.
Now my legs are killing me not to mention everyone I ride with.
We had a good hill climb workout Thursday night and Tom Awe killed us.
Rode 50 today (Saturday).  It was a pretty good ride.  I was ready for more but probably good that I stopped.
Tom Awe raced the Spring Fling again and posted great results.
All his hard work is paying off.  He has done all winter what we all should have been doing.
Way to go Tom!!!
It is sure nice to be getting outside to ride.  Hope this helps us all get going again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Way to go

Way to race this last weekend everyone.
Especially Tom who did two races Saturday and followed that up with a win at Froze toes.
The hard work is paying off for Tom.
Better look out, his avg speed was as fast as the Cat 3-4 field.
Going to try to ride outside Saturday if the weather holds out.

It has been to long and another season is upon us.

Well, it has been to long since the last post but that is how it goes.
Might as well try and start over.
Congrats goes to Tom for his Cat 5 victory at Froze toes in Columbia.
He had raced two races the Saturday before the race and then won this one on Sunday.
Look out everyone!!!!!
His Cat 5 avg speed was as fast as the Cat 3-4 group.
For the rest of us that raced, it was nice just to get back on the bike outside.
Actually should be outside now and not doing this but I am delaying the workout.
This weekend the guys are racing at Perry. I may go also but that hill and my belly do not agree. Weather is going to be nice so we will see.
I am just glad it is getting nice so I can get back outside again.
See you all out on the roads.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Great show

Well I should have raced but decided to take a break. Really just to out of shape to suffer so bad. Anyway it was a nice day and just great to take it easy and not be rushed to do much of anything. Only thing on the agenda was the David Byrne concert. What a great show. New album is very good. I need to listend ot it again when I get a chance.

Well, more pressing is the upcoming cyclocross races this weekend at Smithville Lake. Looks like rain most of this week but dry for the weekend. This should prove to make for a slow but fun race Saturday and Sunday. It will be lots of work for the promotors and racers alike but no snow and not frozen yet. I should race as it is always a good excuse to eat afterwards.
Be sure and say thanks to the volunteers if you are ever at an event. Remember, the events do not take place without them. Also, try volunteering and putting some time back in the activities you like.
Well, enough of this. Things to do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another thing to add to the daily grind

Well, thought I'd start a blog. Seems like everyone has one so why not.

I am fortunate to do lots of different things mostly involving a bicycle so why not share some of that. May be it will motivate me to ride more and possibly anyone else who reads this.

Now for a quick explantion of the signature the Jackal.
A long time ago, I did a race throught he desert.
Ayone who has done this race must select a totem.
Mine was the Jackal.
It seemed to fit so I have kept it and as for the race, it can not be used again.
You will find a link to this race on the page and it is a great event.
Furnace Creek 508. That is 508 miles non stop through the desert.
More about the race and ultracycling later.